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Environmental and Sustainability

Osprey Management Group uses guidance and best practice from the Sustainable Restaurant Association, which is a non-profit organisation, helping food businesses to work towards sustainability.

It is the company’s aim to:

  • Minimise energy consumption
  • Have efficient waste management strategies
  • Promote efficient and sustainable purchasing

Energy Consumption

Our aspiration is to constantly reduce electricity, water and gas consumption, this is through a combination of technological and operational practices:

Employees receive training upon induction regarding the efficient use of utilities. This includes:

  • when to turn on and off equipment
  • efficient use of cooling, freezing and refrigeration systems.

Wherever possible energy-saving technologies are used; these include:

  • Sensor lighting
  • LED lighting wherever possible
  • Class (A) efficient, kitchen and bar equipment
  • Heineken “Smart Dispense” beer systems which reduce water and electricity use substantially
  • Using “smart” gas and electricity meters to monitor consumption
  • Annual efficiency audits to assess performance and establish areas of improvement

 Waste Management

Waste is currently segregated as follows:

  • paper and card,
  • plastics/tins/glass,
  • cooking oil,
  • light bulbs
  • general waste

We are actively exploring the possibility of segregating food waste for anaerobic digestion.

We only use approved waste management companies. Presently all cooking oil is converted into biodiesel.

Single-Use Plastics

  • Plastic straws have now been replaced with 100% biodegradable straws
  • Plastic water and soft drinks bottles have been replaced with recyclable glass
  • Disposable coffee cups are discouraged where possible

 Sustainable Purchasing

  • The majority of our food products are purchased from Cumbrian based suppliers
  • We do not offer for sale any fish or seafood which is classified as ‘fish to avoid consuming’ as per the Marine Conservation Society
  • We only purchase free-range local eggs
  • The use of paper and printing is discouraged where possible